First of all,
what is "planned giving"?

Planned giving, also referred to as charitable giving or legacy giving, is a donor’s intention to contribute a gift to an organization, beyond their lifetime. Planned gifts offer you the opportunity to create and live your legacy today by building the future you want for your community. Planned effectively, these gifts can provide substantial financial benefits and tax savings, while ensuring that the issues you care about will continue to be supported.

What Are My Giving Options?

The Forever Fund offers you streamlined planned giving opportunities to have an impact on issues today, while helping create systemic solutions for tomorrow.

Fund Fact

Donations in excess of $200 create a tax credit of 46.95%—giving you almost half of your charitable donation back in tax savings. 

Gifts for Today

Leaving a gift for today ensures issues that are important to you have support over the long term.

Cash Gifts

Make a gift of cash to see your generosity in action.

Benefits: You receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.

Gifts of Securities

When shares of publicly listed securities, including bonds and mutual funds, are donated, all capital gains are eliminated.

Benefits: You receive a donation receipt for the full value of the securities based on the market value at the time the securities are delivered to the Forever Fund. Giving securities that have increased in value is one of the most cost and tax effective ways to make a major impact on the issues you care about.

Please Note: Starting in 2024, the Federal Government has introduced changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) system that may result in some donors paying AMT on large gifts with substantial gains. Check with your tax advisor to determine if AMT will apply to your donation of securities.

Volunteer Your Time and/or Expertise

Volunteer your time with the Forever Fund Board and participate in a variety of committees including:

  • Donor Relations
  • Investment
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Special Events
  • Nomination and Board Recognition
  • Governance

There are also volunteer opportunities with the United Way of Central NB.

Gifts for Tomorrow

Creating a gift for tomorrow provides you with the opportunity to make lasting impact and long-term solutions by helping future generations in your community.


Gifts to the Forever Fund can be for a specific amount or a percentage of your estate.

Benefits: Your estate will receive a tax credit for the full value of your gift.

Retirement Plans

You can transform tax liabilities into a charitable gift by naming the Forever Fund as the beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF plan.

Benefits: At the end of your lifetime, the proceeds are received by the Forever Fund and a tax receipt is issued to your estate. The tax liability on your RRSP or RRIF due on your final return is entirely offset by the tax credit from the donation receipt. Similar treatment is also available for a Registered Pension Plan.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a way to make a significant gift at an affordable cost without reducing estate assets for your beneficiaries.

Option 1

Name the Forever Fund as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing policy (applies to only whole life policies, not term policies).

Benefits—Entitles you to two types of receipts: (1) an immediate receipt for the cash surrender value AND (2) an annual receipt for the amount of premiums you continue to pay, if you so choose.

Option 2

Name the Forever Fund as beneficiary (applies to whole life and term policies).

Benefits—Entitles you and/or your estate to receive one donation receipt for the amount of the insurance proceeds.

How Do I Plan My Gift?

By planning for the future, you can retain more of your assets, protect your estate, and leave a lasting legacy for yourself and your loved ones. It does not mean you deprive your family and loved ones to accommodate charities.

Everyone can benefit from having a will, regardless of age or financial position. A carefully drafted will is essential for your estate to be distributed in accordance with your wishes. It simplifies and speeds the transition of assets as per your wishes, ensuring your beneficiaries are protected.

How Do I Name the Forever Fund In My Will?

When naming a charity such as the Forever Fund in your will as a beneficiary, your estate will benefit from the charitable tax receipt offsetting taxes due. A bequest is the most common type of planned gift. It is up to you to decide how your gift will be used; however, a general gift allows the Forever Fund to direct the monies received to the areas of greatest need.

Below you will find suggested wording when creating your will. We strongly recommend you consult your professional advisors if you are considering including the Forever Fund in your estate plans.

I give ($______, or _______%, or specific asset) of my estate or residual estate) to The Endowment Fund of the United Way of Central N.B. Inc., 1-385 Wilsey Road, Fredericton, NB E3B 5N6. The disposition of my bequest is to be used by The Endowment Fund at its discretion. Legal Name: The Endowment Fund of the United Way of Central N.B. Inc. Charitable Registration Number: 867572281 RR 0001.

What Resources Do I need For My Professional Advisors?

We understand the importance and impact of the work of professional advisors, including financial advisors, lawyers, trust officers and funeral directors. Below you will find the Forever Fund’s legal name and charitable registration to provide to your advisors.

  • Legal Name: The Endowment Fund of the United Way of Central N.B. Inc.
  • Charitable Registration Number: 867572281 RR 0001
  • Mailing Address: 1A-385 Wilsey Road, Fredericton, NB E3B 5N6

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