Who We Are

The Forever Fund is more than an endowment fund. We represent an entire community of supporters who want to create cascading effects for good through gifts that impact the community well into the future.


Special thanks to co-founders, the late John Bliss and Lydia LaPointe for making the Forever Fund a reality.



Over 35 generous Donors and Friends of the Forever Fund continue to show their local love.


Over 30 charities benefit from our support across Central New Brunswick.

Our Mission

Provide the people of Central New Brunswick a central access point for planned giving that helps to preserve the future of the United Way's services through stable annual investments that support local community impact projects and services.

Meet Doubra, our Endowment Officer

Doubra Ifebueme is a results-driven professional with a diverse background in the banking industry and a passion for customer service and relationship management. With experience in various roles in banking, Doubra has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive operational excellence and provide exceptional consulting services.

Currently pursuing an MBA with a concentration on Management Analytics at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Doubra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Estate Management from the University of Nigeria. Furthermore, Doubra has acquired specialized online certifications in Financial Technology (FINTECH) from The Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE), London, and other international educational institutions.

Before pursuing an MBA, Doubra held various leadership positions in the banking industry. As a Branch Head, she oversaw all operational units, including Funds Transfer, Teller, Customer Service, and administration. Her responsibilities also included managing the branch's engagement with prospective and existing customers, as well as developing budgets and forecasts.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Doubra is deeply committed to giving back to her community. She co-founded the NGO, Bishop of Our Hearts Foundation, which focuses on raising funds to meet the pressing needs of partner orphanages demonstrating her dedication to making a positive impact in her community. She has also been actively involved in volunteering efforts, including serving as an Etiquette Coach at eRead Africa, a program dedicated to children's development, showcasing her commitment to helping others.

Doubra can be reached at +1 (438) 488-8134 (local NB number) or endowment@foreverfund.ca.

Our Board


** New Board Members Welcome! **

Patricia SeamanPresident | Cindy PopePast President | Misty Wade Hovey Vice-President

Kate Bao Treasurer | Ruth Preston Secretary

Ali Ferris | Sherri Hatheway | Courtney LePage | Marley McLellan | Dan Nicholson | Andrew Russell | Simon Wassef | Fiona Williams

Peter Cullin Acting Executive Director, United Way of Central NB

Doubra Ifebueme — Endowment Officer

John Bliss, posthumous honorary member

Rod Nolan, lifetime honorary member
Gordon Burtt, lifetime honorary member
Bob Scott, lifetime honorary member

Cindy Pope, Past-President

Patricia Seaman, President

Misty Wade Hovey, Vice-President

Marketing & Communications Committee

Kate Bao, Treasurer

Ruth Preston, Secretary

Dan Nicholson

Governance Committee

Ali Ferris

Investment Committee

Sherri Hatheway

Special Events Committee

Courtney LePage

Donor Relations Committee

Marley McLellan

Marketing & Communications Committee

Andrew Russell

Special Events Committees

Simon Wassef
Marketing & Communications,
Special Events Committees

Fiona Williams

Human Resources,
Special Events Committees

Peter Cullen

Acting Executive Director,
United Way of Central NB

Faith McFarland,

Executive Director,
United Way of Central NB

Ready to show your local love and build on your legacy? We can help.

If you love the community you call home as much as we do, and want to make it a better place for everyone to live, the Forever Fund can help you:

1 Explore planned giving options

2 Give for tomorrow

3 Impact your community

Contact us at: endowment@foreverfund.ca